International Quantitative Linguistics Conference

July 5-8, Wroclaw, Poland

Mathematical linguistics workshop & simulation of a competition

 Dear workshop participants, we meet at the lecture hall A in the Mathematical Institute (adjacent to the Institute of Computer Sciences) at 10:00.

We are happy to inform you that a pre-conference workshop and a competition in mathematical linguistics will be held on the 3rd and 4th of July.
  • The pre-conference workshop is addressed to everyone interested in aspects of mathematical linguistics – here you can read a more comprehensive description of the workshop.
  • Our aim is to discuss aspects of mathematical linguistics and its possible applications (see, for example, IOL: http://ioling.org). We will present linguistic puzzles, encourage our participants to solve them together, talk about how such puzzles can be composed and discuss the skills and knowledge needed for and/or useful in solving them. Here we present a short story of the International Linguistics Olympiad
  • There will also be a small simulation of a linguistic competition. Everyone is welcome! Prizes (little) will be awarded!
  • A sample set of problems from the last International Linguistics Olympiad in various languages (including English, Chinese, French, Japanese, etc.) is available here

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