International Quantitative Linguistics Conference

July 5-8, Wroclaw, Poland

Places to see

Recent news: Wrocław has just been elected Best European Destination 2018 – don’t miss the opportunity to visit!
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Wrocław, an European Capital of Culture 2016, hosts numbers of Museums, galleries and culture places of any kind. There is a lot of memorable spots in Wrocław, it is hard to visit all of them in short time. More information about city you can get from Official website of Wrocław or The Official Travel Guide in Wrocław. Here we provide some suggestions for you:

The National Museum in Wrocław

The National Museum in Wrocław – located at Odra banks, in marvellous building, with is as worth of visiting, as memorable exhibitions provided there.



Panorama of the Battle of Racławice

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice – situated next to the National Museum, offers the only one in Poland, and one of a few of its kind in the world, relics of 19th-century century mass culture – a 15×114 meters painting.




Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden is located north of the Centennial Hall in Szczytnicki Park. It is one of the traces of the World Exhibition in 1913. The garden was founded by Japan enthusiast count Fritz von Hochberg, who employed a Japanese gardener, Mankichi Arai, to help with arranging the garden.

Japanese GardenIn the 90s, the garden was renewed and reconstructed with the help of Japanese specialists. Three-years long efforts resulted in an arrangement consistent with Japanese gardening art. Visitors enter the garden passing a richly decorated entrance gate. Following an alley leading to the central part of the garden, visitors  reach the main attraction of the garden – a beautiful bridge, which connects the shores of the pond. Another important attraction of Japanese Garden in Wrocław is its southern part. In it, one will find a Sukja pavilion, and a piece of stone-grass garden.

The garden is opened until late Autumn, from 9am to 7pm, seven days a week. Entrance costs 4 PLN (around 1 Euro). It is also possible to schedule a photo shoot in the garden. The cost of the photo shoot is 100 PLN (around 25-30 Euro).

Afrykarium of Wrocław ZOO

Afrykarium, with its splendid Mozambique Channel, situated in Wrocław Zoo offers unforgettable view into undersee life.




Visiting hospitable pubs and restaurants along Wrocław you might want to see

Gothic Town Hall

Gothic Town Hall of Wrocław

Gothic Town Hall from the 13th century – one of the main landmarks of the city.





Ostrów Tumski

Ostrów Tumski

Ostrów Tumski – surrounded by the river Oder, the old burgh, the origin of the city with remarkable, fantastic architecture




Wrocław dwarves

Wrocław dwarves – over 150 sculptures of dwarves are hidden among city center. It is claimed to be interesting challenge to find them during sightseeing.